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Rockville Traffic Offenses 

Although traffic offenses seem like they are not a big deal, there can be consequences for committing a traffic offense.There are a variety of Rockville traffic offenses that exist. The offenses also have different classifications from infractions to felonies. If you have received a ticket for a traffic offense, speak to a capable traffic lawyer who can defend you.

Levels of Traffic Offenses in Rockville County

The levels of Rockville traffic offenses include payable and ‘must appear’ offenses. Payable offenses are minor traffic citations that are not punishable by jail time such as citations for speeding or running a stop sign. If a person receives a payable citation, that person has the option to plead guilty and pay those with fine without going to a hearing.
However, if an individual wants to contest the citation, that individual can request a waiver hearing or trial and appear in person at a hearing. Whether an individual pays or requests a hearing, an action must be taken within 30 days of receiving this citation or an individual risks the MVA being notified and having an individual’s license suspended.

Must Appear Traffic Citations

‘Must appear’ Rockville traffic offenses are serious citations that come with the possibility of incarceration. This includes citations for a DUI, fleeing and eluding the police, driving with a suspended license or leaving the scene of an accident.
If an individual receives a ‘must appear’ citation, a person does not have the ability to simply a pay a fine,  that individual must appear at a hearing. Payable citations and ‘must appear’ citations are heard in the Montgomery County District Court.

Traffic Infractions

Traffic infractions are payable minor traffic citations. Such citations are heard in the Montgomery County District Court. Most minor traffic citations come with at least two points. If an individual pays the fine that is listed on the citation, the points associated will automatically be assessed to that individual’s driver’s record.
The fine and point amount depends on the specific payable citation receipt. If a person requests a waiver hearing or trial and an individual’s not satisfied with the outcome, that individual has the ability to appeal the judge’s decision and have a person’s case transferred to Montgomery County Circuit Court.
Traffic misdemeanors are different from traffic infractions due to the penalties involved. Traffic misdemeanors carry a possible jail sentence. Examples of speeding-related traffic infractions include speeding or fleeing and eluding the police or driving with a suspended license.

What is a Traffic Misdemeanor?

Traffic misdemeanors are ‘must appear’ citations. Similarly to traffic infractions, traffic misdemeanors are heard in the Montgomery County District Court. Most of the serious traffic misdemeanors come with a maximum penalty of one-year incarceration and/or a $1,000 fine. An individual has the right to appeal to the Montgomery County Circuit Court if a person is not satisfied with the outcome of their hearing.
A traffic misdemeanor is different from a traffic infraction due to the penalties that are involved. With traffic misdemeanors, those citations carry a possible jail sentence where a traffic infraction does not. Examples of speed-related misdemeanor include fleeing, and eluding the police.

Traffic Felonies in Rockville County

There are specific violations in the Maryland Transportation Article that are designated as felonies. Traffic felonies are different than traffic misdemeanors because of the penalties that are associated.
Examples of traffic felonies include vehicular homicide, multiple DUI convictions and hit and runs. Felonies carry more severe penalties such as an increased period of incarceration. Traffic felonies are heard in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. An individual does have the right to appeal their conviction. If you have questions about Rockville traffic offenses, get in touch with a local traffic lawyer.