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Wicomico County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Speak with an experienced Wicomico County sex crimes lawyer if you or a loved one has been accused of a sex crime, so they can help develop a strong defense against prosecutors, who often specialize in sex crime prosecution. Do not make the mistake of hoping accusations will fade away. Sex crime charges are some of the most serious criminal charges an individual can face.  Sex crime charges carry both potential prison sentences and the public humiliation of potential inclusion on the sexual offender registries publicized throughout the state.

For this reason, if you have been accused of sexual assault, molestation, rape, or any other sex crime, consult with a sex crime attorney in Wicomico County who routinely defends against these types of charges and has keen and up-to-date knowledge regarding Maryland laws and statutes.  We can offer support for you and your family by defending your rights.

What Can a Wicomico County Sex Crimes Lawyer Do For Me?

An experienced Wicomico County sex crime lawyer can not only conduct a thorough and private investigation of the circumstance surrounding your charge, but will also investigate the prosecuting party and the evidence held against you. We will then gather the best possible defense and discuss your strategy options. If we find the charges can be dropped, we will expedite that process and hopefully resolve the case before it even enters the courtroom. If the charges cannot be dropped, a resourceful Wicomico sex crime lawyer will defend your rights in court and seek the best possible outcome, including dramatically reduced charges and penalties.

Types of Sex Crimes in Maryland

There are many types of sex crimes and many elements that distinguish each type of crime. A Wicomico sex crime attorney familiar with the nuances of each type of sex crime, and the specific requirements for each, is able to thoroughly develop a defense method for your case. For instance, rape in Maryland is broken down into two degrees, namely First and Second Degree Rape. There are differing factors that determine each, but they share a common denominator: under articles 3-303(a) and 3-304(a), Maryland law states that a rape charge requires proof that the victim did not give consent and that the act happened because of a use of force or threat. Various types of sex crime accusations include:

  • molestation
  • rape (statutory, date)
  • sexual assault
  • incest
  • possession of child pornography
  • Internet sex crimes
  • indecent exposure

Each of these has sub-categories with different elemental components assigned to them by law. Weapons, age of the alleged victim, injuries sustained by the alleged victim, and other elemental differences in the case all play a role in determining the type of charge.

Contact Our Wicomico Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Today

If you are accused of committing a sex crime in Maryland, put a knowledgeable Wicomico sex crime lawyer in your corner, who can aggressively seek to reduce or drop charges against you. As experienced attorneys, we do not shy away from the social scrutiny or lengthy court proceedings that can come with a sex crime accusation. An experienced sex crimes lawyer in Wicomico County be able to reduce or drop charges, and can help you to move past these charges by emphatically defending your rights.