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Wicomico Drug Lawyer

Our Wicomico drug lawyers in the Salisbury area can offer competent, knowledgeable help if you face drug crime accusations, and will work to get you the best possible outcome for your case. Not all accusations of drug-related crimes–possession, distribution, manufacturing, using–lead to imprisonment. They often have elaborate circumstances surrounding them, involving large time frames, multiple individuals, multiple locations, and other elemental factors that make it complex to determine either fault.

Ultimately, we want charges dropped before you ever go to court. If this cannot happen, we look for the next best thing, which can include seriously reduced charges and fines. If you have been accused of a drug crime in Wicomico, consult with an attorney in Wicomico County to discuss your best options.

Why Work with a Wicomico Drug Attorney?

A Wicomico drug lawyer acquainted with Maryland drug laws will investigate the circumstance under which you were arrested, as well as the police report and any other paperwork and evidence. They will analyze the situation surrounding your arrest and strive to get charges dropped or reduced for your best possible outcome. This may be the first time you have been arrested for a drug crime, or, it may be your third time or more. An experienced drug lawyer has years under his or her belt defending the accused. Whether you have been arrested for a drug crime involving marijuana, cocaine, or any other controlled or illegal substance (pdf), do not settle for an inexperienced or careless lawyer.

Paraphernalia and Drug Charges in Maryland

A Wicomico drug lawyer can help you with Maryland’s encyclopedic list of titles, subtitles, and articles defining what a controlled illegal substance (drugs) is, paraphernalia, distribution, production, purchase, and use.  According to Maryland statute 5–101, crimes involving controlled substances include:

  • Delivering/Driving
  • Selling
  • Manufacturing
  • Possessing
  • Using (i.e. smoking, injecting, snorting, etc.)

Even if you were accused of possession of paraphernalia but there wasn’t any evidence of illegal substances, you can still be criminally charged. The law deems possession of paraphernalia illegal, and it is determined in court whether circumstances prove that you knew the paraphernalia was going to be used illegally, such as for producing or inhaling a controlled substance.

The court takes into consideration, when determining if you intended to use the paraphernalia illegally or not, ambiguous evidence, such as the proximity of paraphernalia to illegal drugs, other members of a household, and the residue left on paraphernalia.

All of these factors, along with substantial evidence, determine the end result for your case. However, you do not have to work through this alone. Whether you have been arrested for a crime involving hallucinogens, stimulants, depressants, or opiates, a knowledgeable Wicomico drug lawyer can determine a strong defense strategy and discuss with you your best possible outcome.

Find a Drug Lawyer in Wicomico County Today

If you’re facing drug charges, the time to act is now.  By calling in and completing your free initial consultation, you’re taking a step in the right direction.  A Wicomico drug lawyer can evaluate your case and determine your best options for moving forward.