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Montgomery County Assault Lawyer

A criminal charge of assault can be brought against you if you make any unwanted offensive contact with someone, including hitting a person with an object or striking a person with an object you threw. Under Maryland Code Section 3-201, as a MoCo assault lawyer can explain, you may also be charged with assault for making someone fear unwanted contact is imminent- even if you never lay hands on the alleged victim.

You need to understand what a prosecutor must prove to get a conviction for assault, and you need knowledgeable legal advice as you face charges. A Montgomery County assault lawyer can help you make informed choices about how to best respond to charges against you.

Montgomery County Assault Laws

When your actions meet the definition of assault under Code Section 3-201, you may face either a felony or misdemeanor charges. The charges depend upon the nature of the unwanted contact, the impact on the victim, and whether the victim was entitled to special protections:

  • Felony assault, or assault in the first degree, is defined in Code Section 3-202 to include use of a firearm to commit an assault; and/or either causing or attempting to cause serious physical harm to a victim through offensive unwanted contact.
  • Assault of a police, parole, or probation officer is a second-degree felony offense under Code Section 3-203.
  • Misdemeanor assault, or assault in the second degree, is defined under Code Section 3-203 to include threatening offensive unwanted contact, regardless of whether contact is made. If contact is made, no serious injuries must occur or the assault charge will be elevated to a felony.

You have the right to be informed of the charges being brought against you, as well as the right to a speedy trial to confront your accuser and respond to the allegations of assault. To make sure all your legal rights are protected throughout the process contact a MoCo assault lawyer as soon as possible.

Penalties for Assault in Maryland

Assault penalties vary depending upon the type of assault you are charged with.

  • First-degree assault can result in up to 25 years incarceration (Code Section 3-202)
  • Felony assault of a police, parole, or probation officer can lead to imprisonment of 10 years and a fine of as much as $5,000 (Code Section 3-203)
  • Second-degree assault could lead to 10 years incarceration and a fine up to $2,500.

However, even if you are convicted of assault a Montgomery County assault lawyer can be helpful to you.

Advantages of Working with a Montgomery County Assault Lawyer

The goal of your Montgomery County assault lawyer is to help you understand the criminal justice system and your rights within it so you can respond in an appropriate way to your charges.
Your assault attorney in MoCo can advise you on your options and may negotiate a plea deal; seek a dismissal of charges; or argue on your behalf in a jury trial to determine guilt. The outcome of a case is never guaranteed, but your attorney will work hard to help you get a favorable resolution to a difficult situation.
To learn more about how a Montgomery County assault lawyer can represent you throughout your trial, contact an attorney today.

Client Reviews

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Attorney Kush Arora handled my case with finesse. A baseless assault charge and peace order was filed against me by my significant others litigious ex. The case was dismissed without ever being brought to court and my record was expunged and shielded. Thanks to Kush! He defended my rights that brought a favorable outcome despite the adversity faced. Kush was present, professional, and defended my case factually. He is a knowledgeable kind man who provided great advice and made me feel confident of a favorable outcome. He thoroughly explained processes when the time came and I always felt confident and assured I would get the best representation possible. He was diligent with returning my calls and always responded to texts. You won’t regret retaining him for whatever situations you may find yourself in.

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