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Montgomery County Criminal Penalties

Montgomery County criminal penalties can be severe depending on the charges you are facing. Prosecutors take criminal cases very seriously and aggressively pursue them. If you are facing criminal charges, you should contact a lawyer who may be able to help you avoid the penalties that come with a conviction. Call a seasoned criminal attorney today and set up your consultation.

Penalties for Misdemeanors

Although people may think that misdemeanor offenses are minor in nature, that does not mean they are not serious. Misdemeanor offenses could carry up to ten years in jail for the most significant misdemeanor, which is an assault in the second degree. Individuals could also be looking at significant fines. Therefore, it is imperative for a defendant facing a misdemeanor charge to obtain an attorney.

In addition to the periods of incarceration, defendants could also face probation. When the matter goes to the district court, probation for up to three years is a possibility. When the matter goes to the circuit court, the probation is up to five years. Some of the criminal penalties in Montgomery County that could be ordered during the course of a person’s probation are community service, paying court fines and costs, participating in screenings for drug analysis, or other kinds of treatment depending on the facts of the case.

Penalties for Felonies

Felony crimes are considered the more severe crimes one could face in Montgomery County. The consequences of a felony charge include several years of incarceration up to life in prison for the most significant offenses in the criminal system. Convicted individuals could also be ordered to pay fines. In addition, an individual could be placed on probation for up to five years when the matter is in the circuit court or up to three years when the matter is in the district court. With probation, one could face the possibility of having to pay fines, participate in treatment, and anything else mandated by the court as appropriate under the circumstances of the specific case. Most felony cases are heard by the circuit court system as opposed to the district court system.

Criminal Charges and Immigration Status

A person’s charge or conviction could affect their immigration status. People who are not US citizens always face the possibility of losing their status in this country. If someone is in the United States on a work permit or another kind of visa, that visa could be revoked if they are found to have committed a crime while they are in the United States. It is important to talk to a criminal attorney and an immigration attorney if there is the possibility of having one’s immigration status in jeopardy.

Visitors Charged with a Crime in Montgomery County

When a person is charged with a crime while visiting Montgomery County, it is important to reach out to a criminal lawyer immediately to discuss all the possible ramifications, including penalties, strategies for defense, and how best to handle the matter especially if they are not a local resident. When someone faces immigration consequences, their criminal defense attorney may advise them about consulting with an immigration attorney regarding the particular matter.

Contact a Montgomery County Lawyer About Criminal Penalties

The most important thing a person needs to do when they are charged with a crime in Montgomery County is to speak to an attorney immediately after they are charged. The attorney identifies the additional steps to be taken based on a specific incident to make sure the individual’s rights are protected. Additional steps are usually associated with compiling evidence and gathering witness information so the defense attorney can begin their own investigation of charges brought against the individual.

If you are facing Montgomery County criminal penalties, reach out to a dedicated lawyer today. Let an accomplished attorney fight for you.