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Building a Montgomery County Defense

The first thing to do after being charged with a crime in Montgomery County is to contact an attorney. A defendant should make sure they share all the details in the case with their attorney so that they can adequately prepare a defense. Building a Montgomery County defense to criminal charges requires full disclosure between the defendant and their attorney. If a defendant is open and honest with their lawyer, they stand the best chance of reaching a favorable outcome to their case.

Common Constitutional Issues in Montgomery County

Every arrestee and criminal defendant enjoys certain Constitutional protections. If an attorney believes that a defendant’s rights were violated, they could build a defense around those violations.

Constitutional issues that may come up in Montgomery County criminal cases include issues associated with:

  • First Amendment as to free speech,
  • the Second Amendment in gun cases,
  • the Fourth Amendment, which is associated with unlawful searches and seizures,
  • the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination,
  • the Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial and,
  • the Fourteenth Amendment, which is the due process clause of the Constitution.

Criminal law has more constitutional considerations than any other body of law. As a result, an individual should consider working with an attorney who has a mastery of constitutional concepts.

If a lawyer cites constitutional concerns effectively, they could weaken or undermine a prosecutor’s case. For example, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution would keep a prosecutor from being able to introduce evidence if it was found to be obtained in an unlawful search. The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution might prompt a case to be dismissed in its entirety if somebody’s right to a speedy trial or right to counsel were violated.

Working Through an Investigation

In addition to building a defense once a defendant is charged in Montgomery County, an attorney could also help a person who is being investigated. A lawyer could reach out to law enforcement agents and prosecutors, represent the individual during police questioning, and conduct an investigation of their own to prevent an indictment. They could also thoroughly prepare someone for the potential ramifications of a charge, such as warrants, bonds, and pre-trial release.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

A local criminal defense lawyer has experience handling cases in Montgomery County and knows the relevant parties, including prosecutors, police officers, and judges. Often, knowing the local system can make a world of difference concerning how the case proceeds through the system and ultimately reaches a resolution.

The benefit of hiring an attorney in a law firm as opposed to a solo legal practitioner is that attorneys in law firms usually have access to many more resources. Additionally, having access to private investigators could be very important when preparing a criminal case. Some offices have several private investigators on staff, which could make the difference between incarceration and freedom. If you are facing criminal charges, call an experienced attorney for help building a Montgomery County defense.