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Building a Montgomery County Criminal Defense

For help building a Montgomery County criminal defense following an arrest, you need experienced legal representation. A criminal defense attorney could collect valuable evidence, negotiate with prosecutors, and attempt to mitigate a defendant’s potential charges. If you have been arrested, reach out as soon as possible for legal help.

First Steps to Building a Defense

The first thing a person should do after being charged with a crime in Montgomery County is to contact an attorney immediately. Waiting too long to contact an attorney often takes away the attorney’s opportunity to prepare evidence and begin their own investigation so as not to rely only on the state’s representations of the facts. They need to have the opportunity to challenge the evidence the state presents with what their own investigation uncovered about the facts and circumstances of the case.

Often, an attorney can reach out to detectives and prosecutors investigating the case to learn more about the investigation, conduct their own investigation to offer challenges or suspicions that might exist within law enforcement about the conduct the client is being investigated for, and put a stop to the investigation by offering additional information that law enforcement may not know about.

Even though every court system in Maryland handles the same constitutional issues, each system handles them differently. For example, a court system with a high volume of cases might not be as inclined to consider a speedy trial issued as seriously as a court system with a less significant volume of cases.

Montgomery County has a high volume of cases, but it still takes constitutional issues seriously. The court system has the resources to make sure cases are handled properly in an expeditious manner. Working with an attorney who recognizes the strength of the court system and knows how to capitalize on them is extremely important in making sure the defendant the best possible resolution to their case.

Common Constitutional Issues

Constitutional issues that may come up in criminal cases include things like the First Amendment which is free speech, Second Amendment issues associated with the right to bear arms, issues associated with the Fourth Amendment about search and seizure, matters related to the Fifth Amendment and self-incrimination, Fifth Amendment concerns about the right to a speedy trial, and Fourteen Amendment issues associated with due process.

A constitutional issue that is litigated properly could have a case dismissed in its entirety. A person’s constitutional rights are central to any criminal prosecution. Therefore, if their rights are violated, the criminal prosecution itself could be tainted and dismissed completely. Building a Montgomery County criminal defense often hinges on exposing constitutional violations.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney for Help Building a Criminal Defense

Having a Montgomery County criminal lawyer who knows the prosecutors, the judges, and the climate where the case is heard is invaluable in making sure that procedures are properly followed, and rights are properly preserved during the criminal justice process. Building a Montgomery County criminal defense is not an easy process, and a defendant should not risk incarceration by choosing to represent themselves. Contact an attorney today.