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Montgomery County Courts

The Montgomery County court system works just like the court systems in many other states in the country. Judges or juries preside over cases to make determinations of whether the state has met their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The court systems are also responsible for imposing punishment after a guilty plea or a conviction for criminal offenses.


There are two different areas where courts are located in Montgomery County. The circuit court for Montgomery County, which is where serious matters are heard, is located in Rockville, Maryland, as is one of the district court. There is also another Montgomery County District Court location in downtown Silver Springs, which is an offshoot of the Rockville location. That court hears misdemeanor cases and some felony cases.

Court Process

People should know that the Montgomery County court system is a very well-oiled machine. It is a court system that handles a very high volume of cases, has a staff with a very high aptitude for moving those cases through the system, and has very little tolerance for delay. Defendants should not assume that, without having counsel, they can simply walk into court and very easily get a postponement of their case.

Most of the times, judges in Montgomery County expect that once a person is advised of their right to counsel, they take that advisement seriously and make decisions about obtaining counsel quickly. The courts do not take kindly to delays on cases, and they want to make sure that matters are resolved as expeditiously as possible.

How to Behave in Court

A defense attorney could walk a defendant through the courtroom process well in advance of their court date. Grooming and how to dress is all very important. Most of the times, people who are well-groomed and appropriately dressed for court will be treated much more favorably by a judge or jury than people who do not make as strong of an impression.

Additionally, an attorney will go over whether a defendant will be testifying in court and how to prepare that testimony. In the sense of how to respond to questions, it is important to know that the questions for the judge should always be responded to with a, “Yes, Your Honor,” or, “No, Your Honor.” There is a certain level of formality that should be maintained, and people should take a courtroom visit seriously. They should make sure that they are on time for court and properly prepared with an attorney to respond to the criminal allegations that have been brought against them.

Contact Legal Counsel for Representation in Montgomery County Courts

If you are scheduled for an appearance in one of the Montgomery County Courts, you need to reach out to an attorney quickly for legal representation. A lawyer could work to ensure that your case moves through the court process promptly and efficiently while also protecting your interests for the future. An attorney could also prepare you for how to make the best possible impression before a judge or jury.