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Montgomery County DUI Court Dates

In Montgomery County DUI cases, as in all criminal cases, an individual is constitutionally required to appear at every court date so that they have an opportunity to provide their attorney with input and be present to face the charges alleged against them. There are limited situations where an attorney can represent an individual, and the individual’s presence is waived. If someone does not appear in court, a bench warrant could be issued by the court for their arrest for not being in court on a scheduled court date.

Where to Find Information

Court dates are usually mailed to a person’s address. The Maryland Judiciary Case Search website, available to the public online, lists information about individuals’ charges and the court dates scheduled for their case.

Changing a Court Date

People may change their court date for any reasonably good cause. A person submits a filing with the court through their attorney to inform the court why the scheduled date does not work for them. If the court finds good cause to change the court date, it is usually not difficult to reschedule, especially if the case does not have a lengthy procedural history.

Out-of-State Defendants

Some court systems do not allow a person to change the court date, and the hearings start at a particular time regardless of where the person lives. Other courts have cases heard in the afternoon and the morning, so individuals can choose which docket they prefer to appear on. When someone is from out of state, they should talk to their attorney about scheduled court appearances because each courthouse has different nuances.

Missing a Court Date

A person who misses a court date could face a bench warrant that makes their case even more complicated. If they are picked up on a warrant out of state, they could be extradited to Maryland to respond to the warrant. An arrest could mean they are held in custody for several days, weeks, or months while extradition takes place, so a Maryland judge can decide whether they should be released pending the court date.


The best way for someone to prepare for court is to speak with their attorney. The attorney tells their client what time to be in court and how long they should expect to be in court. They tell the person the appropriate attire to wear and the demeanor they should have. The attorney may inform them about the procedures that take place in the courtroom and what arguments need to be made. If the individual plans to testify, their attorney will conduct practice rounds, so the client understands the procedure for testimony and the proper ways to address the court. The attorney can also help the client understand the expected decorum during a court proceeding.

Having an Experienced Attorney By Your Side

Preparation is key when it comes to a DUI case. An attorney needs to know the facts of the case to identify the most suitable arguments to win it. A Montgomery County DUI lawyer could take damage control steps in advance of court to make sure you are adequately prepared, such as participating in an alcohol education course and ensuring your driver’s license is in an appropriate status through the Motor Vehicle Administration. If you have been charged with DUI in Montgomery County, contact an experienced attorney.