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DUIs and University Conduct Violations in Montgomery County

In addition to criminal consequences, a DUI charge may affect a college student’s education. When a student is involved in a DUI, they may be found to be in violation of their university’s code of conduct.

Investigations into student discipline can place a great deal of stress on a defendant and their family. As a result, there should be a great deal of trust between the attorney, the client, and the client’s family as the matter goes through the court and university conduct process. Parents should be aware that the process for DUIs and university conduct violations in Montgomery County may be lengthy and emotional. They need to work with an attorney they trust to have the charges resolved successfully.

How a DUI Could Affect a College Student

Each school has the right to question what their students are involved in on or off campus. The school is responsible for the well-being of its student, individually and as a community. Schools often hold their own questioning session or disciplinary hearing to determine whether any disciplinary action must be taken by the school, in addition to what happens within the court system.

When speaking to an attorney, an individual charged with a DUI should inform them of their enrollment status. An attorney who represents a defendant should be able to assist the defendant with the process of any disciplinary hearing within their school system. If a disciplinary hearing does take place, the student may inquire about whether they are entitled to counsel and make sure to have counsel present in addition to campus administrators.

University Conduct Process Following a DUI

Colleges sometimes have reporting requirements that require students to report DUI charges themselves. Other times, institutions have their own individual background checks, or they might learn about a student’s DUI from the police department or the State Attorney’s Office.

Each school is different, and the conduct process may change on a case-by-case basis. An incident that takes place on campus or at school-related activity may be responded to more seriously than something that takes place off campus. Nonetheless, one could expect the school to order treatment or a period of probation for a DUI. Under certain circumstances, a DUI charge could result in suspension or termination from the school.

What to Do When Facing University Conduct Violations for a DUI

When a student is charged with a DUI, they should take the charges seriously. In the event of a corresponding university conduct violation, a DUI charge could jeopardize their future, so it is important that they speak with an attorney in Montgomery County who has experience in this kind of situation.

An attorney can perform damage control by having the student enroll in the appropriate treatment program, participate community service, or complete other assignments to make their case go more smoothly when they appear before college administrators. An attorney could also defend a student against inappropriate or irrelevant questions during a disciplinary hearing. College conduct officers often have little to no investigatory or legal experience, meaning they may ask questions that are not relevant to a specific charge.