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Life After a Montgomery County DUI Arrest

Certain complications and restrictions may make life after a Montgomery County DUI arrest challenging. In certain circumstances, a defendant’s housing, employment, and insurance could be affected. With the help of an experienced DUI attorney, however, an individual can effectively navigate the aftermath of a drunk driving charge.

Who Needs to Be Aware of a DUI Arrest?

A person with a DUI charge may have obligations to notify their employer or school about their arrest. It is important to bring all documentation associated with their contracts for the school or employer to an initial meeting with a lawyer. For example, a student handbook from the university or guidelines given by employers through the HR department help the attorney identify whether their client has obligations to report in the continuing course of their employment or education when they have been arrested for a criminal charge.

Additionally, if an individual has a professional license or is pending a professional license, or has a security clearance, they may have certain obligations. An individual should review details with their attorney to make sure they do not lose an opportunity because of a failure to report.

Future Employment After a Montgomery County DUI Arrest

A person’s employer might find out about their employee’s DUI arrest when they conduct a background check. The police and the prosecutor do not contact employers to let them know about a person’s arrest. Because a criminal record is a public record, however, the employer could become aware of the arrest based on a search for the charges in the criminal court system.

Working with Your Insurance Company

Usually, a person does not need to tell their insurance company about their DUI arrest. However, if they have a contract with their insurance company that includes an obligation to keep them updated on these kinds of changes, they should let them know or risk being removed from their policy. A Maryland attorney can help a defendant review their policy and identify their reporting obligations.

Otherwise, a driver’s insurance company may not find out about their arrest until their insurance is up for renewal and the insurance company runs a routine check of the person’s driving record. Usually, the insurance company will only be notified of a person’s arrest when there is a conviction that resulted in points on the individual’s driving record.

Out-Of-State Drivers Charged with DUI in Montgomery County

When someone is visiting from out of state or out of the country, a DUI arrest in Montgomery County should not affect their return home unless they are placed on supervision by the court. Supervision may be pretrial supervision or post-conviction supervision by way of probation.

Because DUIs are misdemeanors, other states and other countries would not supervise the individual for these kinds of charges. It is important for a person to recognize that if the courts do order supervision of some kind, there are possible accommodations, such as telephone reporting or even online reporting under unique circumstances. This would afford a person the opportunity to travel back to their home state or home country even after the DUI matter is resolved.

Let an Attorney Minimize the Negative Effects of Your DUI

The negative effects of a DUI can be minimized in any number of ways. Most importantly, a DUI lawyer could help a defendant mitigate their situation by having the individual take damage control steps to put them in a better position when they appear before a judge.

For example, a lawyer may suggest that a defendant participates in an alcohol education program or a driver improvement program. The individual might also consider securing employment or being in school full-time. The defense attorney could then make representations to the prosecutor or judge that their client takes the matter seriously and has plans to move forward in a positive manner once the matter is resolved. For help with your case, call today and schedule a consultation.