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DUI and Security Clearance In Montgomery County

An arrest or conviction for any crime, including a DUI, may cause an individual to lose access to high-clearance government information. A criminal defense attorney could explain the relationship between DUI and security clearance in Montgomery County, including possible employment repercussions and strategies to avoid damaging disclosures. If you are facing a drunk driving charge, contact a DUI attorney today for help.

Prevalence of Security Clearances in Montgomery County

Many employees in Montgomery County are subject to security clearances because of the region’s proximity to Washington, DC, where most government agencies operate. Many state government agencies also operate out of Montgomery County and are usually affiliated with federal contracts or federal employment. For that reason, many defendants are subject to security clearance inquiries at various levels, from low-level security clearances to the most top-secret clearances that exist within our government.

Impact of a DUI on a Security Clearance

Having a security clearance often requires people to be on direct continuing duty to report changes in their criminal history. When reporting to those that are overseeing the clearance, one might find themselves in a situation where their clearance is suspended or completely lost based on criminal conduct. The specific consequences of a conviction depend on the clearance and the type of employment being sought.

An individual’s ability to obtain a security clearance could be jeopardized after a DUI arrest or conviction. If a DUI was not properly reported, or if it is a crime that may be used as a disqualifying factor for the person seeking the security clearance, the employee may be subject to termination.

In most cases, crimes of deception, such as theft or embezzlement, are more relevant to a security clearance than a crime of judgement, such as a DUI. Still, if a DUI is a sign of a substance abuse problem or a similar personal issue, a conviction may cause complications for a security clearance. An experienced lawyer could help avoid negative repercussions and preserve an employees clearance following a DUI charge.

Strategies to Preserve Security Clearance

The most important step following a DUI charge is finding out what resolution might affect a person’s security clearance. For example, if someone is criminally prosecuted but receives the benefit of a disposition like probation before judgment, would they still lose their clearance? If the answer is yes, the client has no choice but to go to trial and beat the case, even if the odds are low. If a lower disposition does not affect a clearance, however, an attorney may advise a defendant to agree to a plea deal or other disposition in order to avoid the risks of a criminal trial and preserve their clearance.

Hire an Attorney to Protect Your Security Clearance After a DUI

If you have been charged or convicted of a DUI, your security clearance – and your employment – may be in jeopardy. An experienced criminal defense lawyer could help analyze your employer’s disclosure guidelines and determine the best course of action to preserve your career. Contact an attorney today.