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Substance Abuse Evaluations in Montgomery County

The intended purpose of a substance abuse evaluation in Montgomery County is to determine whether an individual has alcohol-related or substance-related issues that need to be addressed.

A DUI defendant may take a substance abuse evaluation after an arrest. When there are larger concerns than social drinking, an evaluation may point to more significant and intensive treatment programs that could affect a person’s sentencing.

How a Substance Abuse Evaluation Works

A professional conducting a substance abuse evaluation in Montgomery County usually asks an individual for their history of alcohol use. They evaluate the facts and circumstances of the case and then make determinations about an appropriate course of action based on that information.

Usually, an evaluation involves a verbal interview process done in person or by telephone. Sometimes, a person may fill out a written evaluation and submit responses to questions in writing which are later reviewed by an evaluator.


There are state certifications to determine the licenses a person possesses to conduct a substance abuse evaluation. The people conducting the evaluations are licensed clinical social workers, who have experience determining whether a person needs to participate in alcohol education or treatment and what level of treatment is appropriate.

Finding the Right Substance Evaluation Program

There are licensed programs throughout Montgomery County where one could undergo a substance abuse evaluation. It is important to speak to an attorney before picking a program because many programs are available and some are not as reputable as others. A defendant does not want to waste their time and money on a program that is not acceptable to most judges practicing within the court system. An attorney could refer a defendant to programs that are the most appropriate for the individual’s particular circumstances.

A lawyer may advise their client to participate in a substance abuse evaluation program as a means of damage control before being ordered to do so by a judge or jury, thereby showing the court how seriously they take the incident. A substance abuse evaluation can assist in the process of negotiating a plea and sentencing.

Consequences of an Evaluation

Patterns of substance abuse could be indicated by the facts and circumstances of the case. For example, a defendant’s alcohol concentration level, a severe car accident, or the number of previous offenses may be indicators of a more serious substance abuse problem.

Often, the consequences of an evaluation that indicates addictive behaviors include lengthier periods of treatment and self-help meetings through Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

An evaluation that indicates no tendency towards future problems with substance abuse, on the other hand, may lead to an alcohol education program. Such a program informs participants about the dangers of drinking and driving as opposed to addressing problems of serious substance abuse

How a DUI Attorney Could Help Find a Substance Abuse Evaluation For You

If you are facing charges for a DUI in Montgomery County, a substance abuse evaluation program could open up options for negotiating a plea deal or mitigating a sentence. Every substance abuse evaluation program is different, and an experienced lawyer could explain which program may be best for your particular case.

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