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DUI Jail in Montgomery County

After an arrest in Montgomery County, people are taken to the police station closest usually to where the incident took place. A person will be taken into one of those locations for processing, advice of rights, and breathalyzer tests. That is where they will be held until they are released. In most DUI cases, this is only a short time after citations are issued to them.

If you were arrested for a DUI, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Many people assume that because they went to DUI jail in Montgomery County, their case is over. However, a veteran defense attorney could fight against a conviction on your behalf.

Central Booking

Central booking is located in Montgomery County in Seven Locks at the Montgomery County Detention Center, which is sometimes referred to as the Seven Locks Station located in Rockville, Maryland. This serves as a sort of headquarters for the Montgomery County Police. The detention center is used when people need to be held for longer periods of time or need to see a commissioner. Authorities also use this location for processing the paperwork for criminal charges, including DUIs.

Breathalyzer Testing

Generally speaking, a person does not have to submit a breathalyzer test in Montgomery County unless they are arrested for a DUI-related charge. For DUI cases at Seven Locks, the jail could administer the Breathalyzer test.

What Happens After Booking?

After somebody is booked, they are generally given their formal charges and the penalties associated with those charges. The determination could be made immediately at that point to release them on their own recognizance. If they are not released on their own recognizance, they may subsequently have to see a commissioner to make determinations about their release and whether or not there will be a bond. Generally speaking, when it comes to DUI cases, a person will very likely be released on their own recognizance after they are given a citation.

Medical Services in Montgomery County Jail

Montgomery County has a pretty good reputation for being able to provide medical services. If they are not able to provide those medical services in-house, they have relationships with area hospitals so a person can be taken in custody to a medical facility in order to have whatever procedure they require. The jail’s first priority is safety. If somebody requires medical attention, the jail will do what they can to fulfill that request and provide necessary medical attention.

If a medical need is not outwardly apparent – for example, if they are feeling sick in some way that is not obvious to the people around them – they should speak up and make sure they know so that the jail can call on the appropriate personnel or have the individual transported for emergency treatment.

Length of Time Spent in Jail

There is no minimum amount of time that a person could be held at Montgomery County jail for DUI. As a general rule, for the processing of a DUI, once somebody is at the police station, is usually about an hour.

In some cases, however, an individual could spend far longer in jail. There is no maximum amount of time a person could spend in DUI jail in Montgomery County. If a person is not released on their own recognizance, they will see a commissioner who will make a determination about whether or not the person should be released on some kind of a bond. In theory, a person can be held beyond the time that they are issued a citation by a police officer. If the commissioner determines a bond is appropriate, they could be held until that bond is posted on their behalf.

Contact a Montgomery County DUI Attorney

DUI jail in Montgomery County can feel like a nightmare, but there is still hope for a positive resolution to your case. If you were arrested for a DUI, you should contact a seasoned criminal lawyer as soon as possible. They could analyze the facts of your case and help protect your rights. Call today to schedule a consultation.