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What Happens to the Car Following a DUI in Montgomery County

If your vehicle was towed after a DUI stop, there are certain steps you could take to retrieve it. While a towed car could make it difficult for a person to commute, the tow may also impact a person’s DUI case. To understand what happens to the car following a DUI in Montgomery County, speak to a knowledgeable defense attorney with experience in DUI cases.

What Happens to a Person’s Car if They are Arrested for DUI?

If a person is arrested and charged with a DUI, one of two things can happen to their car. The vehicle may be towed, which is pretty common if the incident takes place on a busy roadway where traffic might be impeded by the vehicle remaining on the road. Alternatively, the vehicle may be safely parked on the side of the road or in a legal parking space if applicable.

While officers typically exercise whatever option is safest, many officers may try to be as accommodating as possible to individuals who find themselves in this situation, understanding the expense of getting a vehicle towed and then having it retrieved from a tow lot. There could be situations where a person might have another individual in a vehicle with them. If an officer could make a determination that the individual that was in the vehicle with them is sober and could operate the vehicle safely, then they might simply turn the vehicle over to that person’s possession or allow them to take care of the vehicle.

How an Attorney Could Help a Person Retrieve Their Car

Typically, retrieving a car in Montgomery County is not something that a DUI lawyer is involved with since the vehicle will be released to the person 12 hours after they are processed for their DUI. If people run into problems, an attorney could assist in reaching out to the police station to find out more information or details to get it back. Individuals who do not know where their vehicle was taken could speak to an attorney. Since vehicles in DUI cases are typically not subject to seizure by the government, it may not be necessary for the attorney to get involved in the retrieval process.

Documents to Bring to the Tow Lot

A person is recommended to bring anything that could help them identify themselves to the people at the tow lot. When trying to understand what happens to the car following a DUI in Montgomery County, it could be noted that the people’s driver’s licenses may be confiscated from them during the course of a DUI. If they have other forms of identifying information that could help verify that they are the owner of the vehicle, it could make the process much smoother. Passports may suffice as an alternative form of identification. They may also need to bring some form of payment, as there will be a bill for the storage and tow of the vehicle.

Vehicle Searches

Vehicles are typically not subject to search at a tow lot. The tow lot is simply a third-party company that moves the vehicle off the roadway. They typically do not have the authorization to search the vehicle. During the course of a DUI arrest, however, an officer could search a vehicle incident to the arrest, so the vehicle may have been searched by the time the individual finds themselves back at their car.

If the officer that searched the car found any illegal substances inside of it, one might face criminal charges for those substances as well. This is a common occurrence when a person has their vehicle searched. Legal counsel could explain what else happens to the car following a DUI in Montgomery County and how this may impact the person’s defense case.

Contact a Montgomery County DUI Attorney If your Car was Impounded

Lawyers typically do not have a huge role in helping individuals retrieve their vehicles after an arrest. Officers could tell the person where they are able to retrieve the vehicle. This may be the only step required for a person to retrieve their vehicle if they are able to identify themselves from the tow lot and pay for the release of the car.

If issues arise, a DUI lawyer could assist in procedurally figuring out where the car is and what needs to be taken care of in order to secure its release. If you have questions regarding what happens to the car following a DUI in Montgomery County, consult a criminal defense attorney.