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Ocean City Court System: Criminal Cases

Criminal cases in Ocean City typically will be held at the District Court building located on 65th Street in Ocean City.  The District Court is where must appear traffic and misdemeanor criminal cases are heard. Your Ocean City criminal lawyer can guide you through your court proceedings.

If an individual is charged with a felony, then the case will be heard in the Circuit Court, located in Snow Hill, the county seat for Worcester County.  Also, if an individual wishes to have his case heard by a jury, then that case will also be heard in the Circuit Court in Snow Hill. There is only one District Court judge in Ocean City, and all cases appear in front of that one judge. There are four judges in the Circuit Court, and it is these judges that preside over jury trials.

Where are Criminal Cases Heard in Ocean City?

Their case is most likely going to be heard at the District Court building on 65th Street in Ocean City. That court’s jurisdiction handles all of the misdemeanors that occur within the Ocean City city limits. Sometimes people are stopped and they are charged with a traffic offense or some other type of criminal offense but they’re not located within the city limits of Ocean City—perhaps they’re actually in West Ocean City–and those cases will be heard in the district court in Snow Hill. So it really depends on exactly where the person is stopped, but the bulk of those cases are going to be heard at the district court building on 65th Street.

Where are Traffic Matters Heard in Ocean City?

It would be the same scenario; if the person was stopped on coastal highway, then their case would be heard at the district court building in Ocean City. However, if they were stopped and they had crossed over into West Ocean City, then their case would be heard in Snow Hill at that district court location. Offenses occurring in the city limits are heard in OC, offenses occurring within the county are heard in Snow Hill, so the location of the traffic stop is the key deciding factor.

Where Are You Taken After an Arrest in Ocean City?

They will more than likely be taken to the Ocean City police department, the Public Safety Building which is also located on 65th Street. They would be processed there, they would have their picture taken, they would be finger printed and it’s quite possible that they could be released right from the Ocean City Police department. If not, then they would appear in front of a commissioner and that would take place in the same Public Safety Building on 65th Street.
If they are not released on a bond or on their own recognizance they would be transported to the Worcester County jail located in Snow Hill. If they don’t make bond then they would be seen by the district court judges the very next day that court is in session so a judge could advise them of their rights to an attorney and could consider whether or not the bond amount is appropriate.