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Our Approach to Ocean City Criminal Cases

As an Ocean City criminal lawyer I like to look at every case as if I am preparing for it to go to trial. So, the very first thing that I look at is exactly what the client is charged with and what are the elements of each one of the offenses. I’m preparing to make my closing argument and so, therefore I have to have researched and thought about the charges, and does the state have the evidence that they need to prove each one of these charges. Preparing like that from the get go is very helpful to me. It’s  the process that I use, and it works well for me.

And it’s also important very early on to have the client tell me exactly what happened so that I can hear from their perspective what occurred. Oftentimes what the client has experienced and the story they provide is very different than what a police officer has written down. So, it’s important to hear from the client very quickly.  I ask the client to walk me through it, tell me exactly what happened. Those are two really important parts to how I initially begin working on a case.

What Are Some of The First Things You Look For And Why?

I look for two things kind of simultaneously – the first thing I’m looking at is what has been charged and what are the elements of each one of those offenses. And, pretty much at the same time I’m also looking at did the police do what they were supposed to do in order to collect evidence against my client because there are very important rights that a criminal defendant has. I’m looking for any Fourth Amendment or Fifth Amendment or Sixth Amendment issues that are important here and is there an argument that could be made that those rights were violated which then means that a lot of the evidence could be suppressed.

So, I think it’s important to be looking at those two issues at the same time especially since case law is being created every month in the court, so it’s important to stay abreast of the changes. Things change and they change constantly so it’s important to know exactly what those different statutes or different cases, how are they going to apply to this particular defendant’s case.

Why is Experience Important Ocean City Criminal Cases?

Experience plays a huge role because if you have tried many, many different cases in the past, if you have litigated a previous motion based on the same facts that you’re facing right now, you have a much better sense of being able to anticipate what’s going to happen.

If you are working with an attorney and this is only the fifth DUI that they have ever defended against, that’s going to be very different than working with an attorney who this is their fiftieth or their, hundred and fiftieth DUI, that makes a huge difference.

That attorney being able to give you a good sense of exactly what’s going on in your case, and what the likelihood is of the success of a particular defense. Also, what does this judge do as far as sentencing. If you’re talking about an attorney who has only appeared in front of this judge five times versus an attorney who has appeared in front of this judge four or five times a month for the past eighteen years, that person is going to have a much better sense of how the judge is likely to rule in a case and what is the likely sentence.