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Post-Arrest Investigations in Ocean City

Authorities can continue to investigate someone after they are arrested and it can be beneficial to have an experienced lawyer assist someone in an instance of a post-arrest investigation in Ocean City. Generally, once the police make an arrest, they consider their investigations done. They have accumulated whatever evidence they felt they needed to do the charges, and often they have concluded their investigation by the time they file charges.

There are always exceptions, though, leading to situations of a continued investigation. For example, when they might still seek results on forensic evidence. Or they may have submitted things to the lab for analysis but that analysis is not yet completed, or they may continue to attempt to track down and speak with witnesses.

The benefit of having a lawyer assist with this post-arrest investigation in Ocean City is that you can communicate with your attorney about what evidence may be out there that exonerates you. Your attorney could either use a private investigator or attempt to track down that information depending on what it is and will know the best way to speak with the prosecutor and present any evidence that exonerates you.

Investigation Procedure

It is important to have conversations with an attorney right away if an investigation continues. A good example of that is when there are witnesses the police have not interviewed. Perhaps the police did not know that the person was there and those witnesses are going to be beneficial for the defendant.

If someone is placed in jail without being on bond, the best thing they can do for their case is to work with an attorney and make sure they are communicating with the family and letting the family know that if the police are attempting to contact them, that they can direct the police to the attorney. The attorney can be the liaison between the defendant and the defendant’s family. This can be incredibly important when determining about how somebody in jail can communicate with their family.

An attorney can come into a jail and meet with the client in private. Attorney-client conversations are privileged, so the communication with the attorney is protected and the attorney can then communicate with the family directly. If a person who is arrested is attempting to speak with their family by telephone, those conversations are recorded. Anyone who is detained in a jail should assume that everything they say on the telephone is being recorded. Evidence could be used from those conversations and could ruin a defense. It is important to understand that an attorney can act as a go-between in a post-arrest investigation and an attorney can remind the family that they do not have to speak with the authorities. They can direct the police to speak with the attorney instead.

Role of a Defense Attorney

In an Ocean City post-arrest investigation, a defense attorney will become your buffer. Once you have an attorney in place, the police can no longer attempt to speak with you directly. They can not come to the jail or come to your home and ask to talk to you.

The defense attorney in Ocean City can become the communicator with the investigators and this will prove helpful because an attorney can do their own investigation. The attorney can hire a private investigator and try to figure out if there are witnesses or if there is evidence there that is helpful. You do not have to rely on the police in order to get that investigation done. The defense attorney is the person who can handle all of those things for you rather than having you be the one who has to speak with an investigator.