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Ocean City Fake ID Lawyer

Consult with an Ocean City fake ID lawyer if you’re facing charges that involve using, producing, or distributing false identification documents. These are fairly common charges, but they can have a major impact on your criminal record, so call an Ocean City criminal lawyer today for help.

Whether you are accused of using a fake ID to buy alcohol or get into bars, or whether you are using someone else’s identity to get a job or receive benefits, there are serious consequences if you are convicted of this offense.  The good news is, an accusation does not necessarily mean a conviction.  If you are facing charges, a fake ID lawyer in Ocean City can help you to explore defenses and develop a strategic plan for dealing with the charges in a manner designed to avoid or minimize penalties and consequences.

What Can a Fake ID Lawyer in Ocean City Do To Help?

No matter what crimes you have been accused of, you have constitutional rights and must be viewed as innocent unless and until a prosecutor convinces a judge or jury beyond a reasonable doubt that you violated the law.  Using a fake ID is a crime, so these protections apply to you. It is the job of your Ocean City fake ID attorney to make sure that you use the protections inherent in the justice system to your benefit.

Your Ocean City fake ID lawyer can help you to try to get charges dropped if there were any improprieties in the search that revealed your fake ID or if there is insufficient evidence for the prosecutor to move forward. A fake ID lawyer in Ocean City can also help explore ways to defend yourself or make the judge or jury doubt the prosecutor’s case. If you do not wish to plead not guilty, a fake ID lawyer can also deal with the prosecutor on your behalf and try to arrange a pre-trial diversion that can allow you to avoid a record, or to arrange a plea deal that can lessen charges and penalties that you could face.

Deciding how to respond to charges can be complicated, and the choices you make will depend upon the nature of the charges and the evidence against you. Be sure you have a legal advocate with experience looking out for you.

Fake ID Laws in Ocean City

There are many different crimes, with varying levels of severity, that you can be charged with if you are accused of having a fake ID In Ocean City.  The circumstances under which the ID is being used are going to shape the charges you face.

For example, someone under the age of 21 who has a card or document falsely identifying his age can be charged under Maryland Criminal Law Section 10-115. An individual can also be charged under Transportation Article Section 16-301 with possession of a fictitious license, or displaying a license not issued to him or her.  Someone who has a fake ID for purposes of falsely representing himself as another person to obtain a benefit, on the other hand, can be charged with identity fraud under Code Section 8-301.

Defendants may also be charged with related offenses, including underage possession of alcohol. Your fake ID attorney in Ocean City can explain the charges and possible penalties that you are facing, as well as options for fighting charges or negotiating a plea deal.

Contact a Fake ID Lawyer in Ocean City

Being accused of having a fake ID is serious and you need to be assertive and strategic in responding to charges. Contact an Ocean City fake ID lawyer as soon as possible when you have been accused of violating any laws related to identification in Maryland.