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Where Will My Ocean City Criminal Case Be Heard?

Below, Ocean City criminal lawyer Kush Arora discusses where criminal cases in Ocean City are heard. For more information schedule a consultation with an attorney today.

In Ocean City Which Courthouse Typically Hears Criminal Offenses?

If they are  charged with committing an offense within the city limits of Ocean City, then the case will be heard if it’s – their case will be heard Ocean City district court building which is located on 6th Street in Ocean City.

There’s a public safety building on 65th street that house the police department and the district court building. So if they’re within the city limits, that’s where they would go to court. If they — oftentimes, people — they may be staying in Ocean City, but they cross over out of the city limits of Ocean City to go to a restaurant or a bar or someplace else.

And if they are stopped outside of the city limits, then they’re charged, and then their case will be heard in Snow Hill, Maryland, which is the county seat for Worcester County.

That’s about 25 minutes outside of Ocean City. So you know, those visiting often choose to stay not in Ocean City but in Worcester County.

They may be travelling into the city to go to the beach or go to the club or a restaurant. So it depends on where it’s alleged they committed the offense as to which court they would be attending.

Similarly, traffic matters in Ocean City are heard at the district court building on 65th street. Both criminal and traffic are heard at that court house.

Where Would be An Individual be Taken After They Are Arrested in Ocean City County?

If they are arrested, they are transported to the public safety building here and they would be processed by the Ocean City Police Department and if they weren’t released by the police officer, they would be seen by a district court commissioner to determine if they can be released on their own recognizance or if they need to post a bail in order to get out.