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Maryland Robbery Arraignments

When someone is arraigned, whether in a robbery case or any other kind of case, the only thing that a judge looks for is whether a person will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty with respect to the case. It is crucial that an attorney is present so the person can make a statement based on appropriate legal counsel.

A lawyer can ensure their client is aware of their rights. It is essential that someone consults with a skilled robbery attorney who can assist them during a Maryland robbery arraignment. If you are preparing for a robbery arraignment, consult an experienced robbery attorney.

Important Factors

The only aspect of an arraignment is for the judge to see if the person is pleading guilty or not guilty to the charges. There is no other function to an arraignment. There are no pieces of evidence presented to the judge at that time.

As a general rule, arraignments are a formality where people usually enter a plea of not guilty. Because the arraignment takes place so quickly after the arrest, there is usually no opportunity to put them under investigation or to determine whether the charges even have validity.

Flight Risk

Flight risk means that a person who has been charged with robbery may or may not return to court for the court date. A flight risk is usually taken into consideration by a judge when determining bond. If a judge determines that a person is not a flight risk, they may be inclined to give more favorable bond conditions.

Robbery is a serious criminal offense. It is a felony offense that carries very serious criminal penalties. The concerns about flight risk are often more significant in a robbery case than in a misdemeanor case.

Danger to the Public

A public danger is another concern the courts may have with respect to determining an appropriate bond. ‘Danger to the public’ means the person may be armed, may have presented a risk to other members of the community during the course of a robbery or before or after it. And so, as one of the conditions of bond, the judge has concerns about this person being dangerous and potentially having a negative impact on the community.

Arraignment Stage

A lawyer can ensure their client is aware of their rights which extend well beyond the Maryland robbery arraignment. They have a right to discovery. They have the right to challenge the evidence that is brought against them.

Usually, at the stage of an arraignment, they and their attorney have not yet had an opportunity to perform due diligence with respect to an investigation of the case. An attorney will encourage their client to enter a plea of not guilty at the arraignment to give them full opportunity to explore the details and circumstances of the case.

Maryland robbery arraignments are no different than arraignments for other crimes. An arraignment is simply a hearing where a person might enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty. Across the board, the determination is usually that the person will make a plea of not guilty at the arraignment stage. Many Maryland courts have done away with arraignments altogether once an attorney enters and assume the plea to be not guilty.

Arraignments take place in a courthouse where a matter is being heard, whether the district court or circuit court for the state or in the federal system where the person is charged in that jurisdiction.

Frozen Assets

Usually, there is no exception. If assets are frozen, it is generally difficult, or impossible, to have them unfrozen unless there is a way to demonstrate to the court that those assets do not fall under the jurisdiction of the court system. Assets that were illegally obtained or suspected of being illegally obtained cannot be used for any purpose including the payment of legal fees.

Appeal Process

A person can file motions with the court to try to unfreeze assets they can demonstrate are not related to the case. And if the court grants those motions and unfreezes those assets, even before the case is resolved, then, certainly, they can have access to them. But otherwise, there is no other real option to appeal.

Benefits of an Attorney

When someone is preparing for their Maryland robbery arraignment, they need to consult a skilled robbery attorney. A local lawyer understands the local policies and arraignment procedures.

If you are facing robbery attorneys, consult a robbery attorney. Since your Maryland robbery arraignment happens so quickly after the arrest, it can be difficult to evaluate the evidence and prepare a statement. Having an experienced attorney is essential to negotiating during the arraignment.