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Plea Deals in Maryland Robbery Cases

An attorney may advise an individual to accept a plea deal in their criminal case if the lawyer believes that the evidence against the defendant was likely to lead to a conviction.
When the plea deal is better than the consequences of losing a trial, the attorney would recommend the individual to take the deal. If the evidence is not strong enough to win the case, an experienced attorney would counsel the individual to take the Maryland robbery plea deal.

If you are considering a plea deal for robbery, you will want to contact a skilled robbery attorney. Having legal representation to review the plea deal is imperative to ensure the best outcome for your case.

Robbery Plea Options

Generally speaking, the options regarding plea deals in Maryland robbery cases are a plea of guilty or not guilty. There are other plea deals available to people with respect to criminal responsibility but, typically, those are not available at the preliminary stages of an arraignment.

Arrangement Process

An arraignment is a preliminary hearing. An attorney can make sure that the person charged understands and recognizes that they have many rights, after an arraignment, to fully understand and challenge the evidence brought against them. An attorney can help the person exercise those rights by entering a plea of not guilty.

A person has a right to represent themselves under the United States Constitution and has as much access to the information as their attorney would. They may not be able to decipher or understand it in the same way that an attorney with experience but, certainly, they can engage in negotiations with the prosecution in the same way to make determinations about how they handle their case.

Considering Plea Bargains

The most important determination when considering a plea deal is, number one, whether the person thinks the prosecution can prove the case or not.
If a person does not believe the prosecution can prove the case, then taking a Maryland robbery plea deal is generally not in their best interest. The goal of any criminal proceeding is to get the best result possible depending on the evidence presented by the state and how they plan to prove it.

The second consideration is if a person does believe that the prosecution can prove the case but the plea bargain results in a consequence worse than they will receive from a judge, even if they are convicted at trial. Then it might be in their best interest not to take the plea bargain and take a chance with a judge instead. There are many different nuances to plea bargains and what makes one good versus not good has to do with the evidence against the person and, sometimes, with the forum in which the person’s case is heard.

Hiring a Maryland Robbery Lawyer

An attorney with experience can assist in determining good versus bad Maryland robbery plea deals in a particular case. They can take into consideration the particular jurisdiction, the judges, the prosecutors, and the sentencing guidelines to make that decision.

If you are facing charges and are offered a plea deal, you will want to consult with an experienced attorney who can determine if this is the best course of action. Contacting a skilled lawyer to represent you at every single stage is essential to get a favorable outcome.