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Conspiracy to Commit Robbery in Maryland 

Conspiracy to commit robbery in Maryland gives the state an opportunity to add additional charges to the indictment, which potentially gives them a better opportunity to convince the defendant to enter into a plea.

It also gives the state some options as to a way to resolve the case without having to go trial. For example, a defendant may be more willing to plea to a conspiracy charge instead of pleading to committing an offense. It can have a negative impact for a defendant, because it could mean additional charges, which can justify a potentially higher bond, no bond, or other ways that can have a negative impact on the person. It can provide the opportunity to resolve the case in a way that is not as damaging for the person.

Consult an experienced Maryland robbery lawyer to see what you can do about conspiracy charges.

Attempt Charge and Underlying Offense

It would be unusual for somebody to be charged with both attempt and the underlying offense. The state only needs probable cause to charge someone. If the state can put forth evidence to suggest that there was an attempt and they evidence to suggest that the crime was committed, they could stack up many charges against a defendant.

Being charged with multiple crimes is not unusual, but being convicted of an attempt to commit the crime and actually committing the crime would contradict each other.

Conspiracy Charge and Underlying Offense

The state can have evidence that the defendant, along with one or two other co-defendants, planned a crime. That is a separate crime of conspiracy. Additionally, if there is proof that a co-defendant and maybe all or some of the people that they conspired with also commit the offense, then it is very common for the person to be charged with both conspiracy and the underlying offense.

It is important for people to understand that in a crime like robbery, it is possible for somebody to be charged even though they did not actually commit the robbery. If they were involved in the planning of it, for example, they are responsible of committing the robbery. They would be treated the same way and charged with the same offenses. Their case would be treated as if they participated in the actual robbery.

Prosecuting a Conspiracy to Commit Robbery Case

Charges like conspiracy and attempt give prosecutors different options as to how they might be able to proceed. If they do not have enough evidence to prove that this person committed the robbery, but they do have enough evidence to prove that they conspired with two other people, they still have a case against the defendant. Often in a scenario like that, if two or three people have been charged with conspiracy and attempt, the prosecutors will try and figure out who is the least culpable of that group and get that person to agree to testify.

They will reach out to the conspirator that is the least responsible. Typically, they are not going to reach out to the leader, instead, they might reach out to the person who has the smallest role and see if that person would agree to testify against the co-defendant in exchange for a favorable plea. That happens frequently in situation where there is a group of people charged with committing a robbery.

Hiring a Maryland Robbery Lawyer

A conspiracy to commit robbery in Maryland can come with different burdens and complications. Stay informed by contacting a qualified Maryland robbery lawyer who can guide you through the legal process of a conspiracy and attempt charge.