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Maryland Robbery Trials 

Robbery is tried in Maryland, but there is a great deal of wiggle room for plea negotiations with prosecutors. Maryland robbery trials occur as often as other kinds of criminal cases. The possibility of any crime going to trial depends upon the circumstances of that case, as well as the facts and evidence against the person. If you are going to trial for a robbery case, contact an experienced robbery attorney as soon possible.

Robbery cases are tried before a jury, generally, in the Circuit Court, in the appropriate county in Maryland where the matter is charged.

Robbery Trials vs Other Criminal Trials

Robbery trials in Maryland do not differ much from other criminal trials. The main issue in any criminal trial is that it is the state’s burden to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt and, just like in any criminal trial, the standard of proof is no different in a robbery case.

Robbery cases, just like any criminal case, are open to the public. Constitutionally, public trials are to take place in the United States. The only cases that sometimes are not tried publically concern a small child.

The process of a robbery case and the process of other criminal trials are identical with respect to the procedures associated with the case. They usually involve preliminary matters, perhaps motions hearings to determine what evidence will or will not be heard by a jury, and then ultimately the trial itself.

Important Things to Know About Going to Court

An important thing to know is that robbery charges are very serious and the proceedings are going to be very formal and procedural-oriented. A great deal of information needs to be sorted through by all parties associated with the matter. A robbery lawyer who is well aware of how that particular county handles these particular offenses is extremely important to get the best possible result.

It is important to know that the Maryland Court is a court of law just like any other court system in any other state. The State has the burden of proving the case, beyond a reasonable doubt. People should recognize that these procedures are formal and should be taken very seriously.

Maryland Court Process

In circumstances where there is a robbery charge, the first court date is an opportunity for preliminary matters to be resolved. If the Prosecutors have an especially weak case, they might be inclined to dismiss the case on the first court date. Certainly, before the first court date, there can be plea negotiations that take place to resolve the matter. Felony cases are not usually resolved on the first court date, but after multiple court dates.

Maryland robbery trials are usually jury trials. Strategically, a jury trial is a better option for a defendant with respect to robbery charges, but a defendant could choose to have a bench trial. A robbery trial can take several days, several weeks, or months, depending on the amount of evidence and the number of witnesses.

Benefits of an Attorney

Robbery trials in Maryland can be very long, challenging, and seem like an insurmountable obstacle. You might feel like your back is up against the wall, however contacting a skilled robbery lawyer can help ensure that you are getting the representation that you need. A robbery attorney can challenge the State’s arguments, as well as fight to get your penalties mitigated.