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Evidence in a Maryland Robbery Case

Having an attorney examine the evidence in a Maryland robbery case is essential to building a strong defense case. A robbery lawyer can refute the evidence and case of prosecution in court on their potential client’s behalf. There are several ways an experienced defense attorney can demonstrate potential inaccuracies in a robbery case.

Defense attorneys demonstrate potential inaccuracies by hiring their own experts to refute the forensic evidence. They develop conclusions that are not in-line with those of the state or find errors in the methodology used by the state’s forensic experts. There are many benefits to hiring a robbery attorney if you are facing robbery charges in Maryland. Evidence plays an important role in the case.

Process to Refute Evidence

Generally, a robbery lawyer forwards all of the evidence brought to determine whether the evidence of the prosecution is admissible. A lawyer files the appropriate motions to keep specific pieces of evidence out of the criminal case. In addition, the lawyer prepares for interviewing as many witnesses as possible to determine the appropriate narrative for the case.

It is unwise for a robbery lawyer to make the assumption that the state completed all of their due diligence and conducted proper investigations. Usually, the state develops their own narrative for a criminal prosecution of the potential client. A good attorney conducts their own individualized investigation to have a full understanding of the case; identifies all witnesses and evidence to be presented in court, and creates a full representation of the events.

Important Factors to Consider

The robbery lawyer must do a thorough job with respect to all of the evidence during the investigation. They must understand the forum in which the case is being heard. The lawyer should know who the judge and prosecutor are, and what their attitudes are regarding the kind of case and particular issues to be raised at trial.

Forensic Evidence in Robbery Case

Forensic evidence in a Maryland robbery case is often based on science that is not tried and tested. Forensic evidence presented to the defense requires the government to produce information on how they arrived at a conclusion regarding the forensic issues. When those conclusions are not bound within science, the defense attorney has their own evaluation conducted of that area to refute the conclusions drawn by the state. The attorney tries to exclude that information to reduce the impact it has on any fact-finder in court.

Eye-Witness Testimony for Criminal Cases

Eye-witness testimony in criminal cases often needs to be challenged. There are many issues in the course of witness identification that have a great deal to do with police influence. For example, in a photo array or a lineup, a person might be influenced in identification that is not necessarily an independent identification based on their recollection; but rather based on external influence.

Additionally, eyewitnesses can have their own bias with respect to the particular information that police officers want to obtain from them. All of those things come into play when determining the value and validity of eye-witnesses.

Potential Constitutional Issues

Robbery cases can be filled with constitutional issues including issues to suppress information obtained unlawfully by the police. Constitutional issues involve forensic and DNA evidence, as well as searches or seizures conducted by the person without following proper court-amended protocol. These are important issues for the attorney to identify to adequately represent individuals in court.

Hiring a Robbery Lawyer

An attorney can provide legal advice, investigate on their potential client’s behalf, and challenge evidence in a Maryland robbery case. There are several important factors that go into building a strong defense, and it can be beneficial to have an attorney review the case.

Even if you have extensive knowledge of criminal law and understand your legal rights during the investigation and hearing, it is still important to hire legal representation. While you might be able to handle the case on your own, it can become complicated to examine the evidence and construct a defense case without a robbery attorney. A dedicated and knowledgeable attorney has the experience and resources to examine evidence in a Maryland robbery case and ensure that your legal rights were maintained throughout the case.