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Difference Between Robbery and Theft in Maryland 

The difference between robbery and theft in Maryland is an important distinction to understand. While robbery has all the same elements as a theft, the aspect that sets a robbery and a theft apart is that a robbery includes taking property through force or by threat of force. Every robbery includes a theft but not every theft is a robbery.

An experienced Maryland robbery lawyer can assist further with robbery and theft, consult with one today to discuss your options in negotiations.

What Makes Robbery More Severe Than Theft?

Robbery is considered a more serious level of offense than theft because it involves physically assaulting another person or intimidating another person, sometimes with a weapon.

The crime is much more serious when a person’s well-being is at risk as opposed to theft where a person might not know their items are stolen until after the fact. The difference between robbery and theft in Maryland can make the difference between a hefty and a light sentence as well.

Seriousness of Any Theft Charge

A theft charge is still serious because it can be marked on someone’s public record. A person can go on the Maryland judiciary website and run somebody’s name and find every single thing they have been convicted of in the state of Maryland.

If a person has a theft conviction, then it could impact their employment, it could impact their ability to hold certain licenses or certifications, and other parts of their lives. Although theft is less consequential than robbery, it is still a serious offense and can have negative repercussions on a person’s life.

Negotiating a Robbery Charge Down to Theft

If the evidence regarding the element of force or threat of force is weak, then there is an opportunity to negotiate the robbery down to a theft. Depending on the circumstances, it can be confusing as to whether or not it is a robbery even though the difference between robbery and theft in Maryland may seem clear.

An experienced defense attorney can point out where the prosecutor’s case might be faltering, and try to reduce the charges to a theft. If the defense attorney finds that the person charged has a past record or something else that could be brought up to question their credibility, it is an opportunity for the defense attorney to resolve the case by a plea to a theft instead of a robbery.

Hiring a Maryland Robbery Lawyer

A person should hire a qualified Maryland robbery lawyer as soon as possible. As soon as they believe that they are being investigated, a person should reach out to an attorney – not the police.

They need to talk with an attorney first. If the attorney thinks it is a good idea for them to talk to the police, then the attorney would be present and would help control that conversation. Consult with a skilled lawyer today for more information on the difference between theft and robbery and for more information on next steps in a case.