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Maryland Robbery Charges

In Maryland, a person can be charged with a crime by a police officer after being arrested and having charges filed against them. A person can also be charged by way of criminal information where a state officer writes up the charges and submits them to the court. Prosecutors can also bring a case to the grand jury and simply file a charge by indictment.

If you are facing a Maryland robbery charge and are seeking a robust defense, contact an attorney immediately. A seasoned robbery lawyer in Maryland can build a defense to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties you may be facing.

Conspiracy to Commit Robbery

There are a few ways that an individual can be charged with robbery in Maryland. An intent or conspiracy to commit robbery means the person is involved in some way with a robbery but may not be directly involved in the act.

That does not mean a person should feel like the situation is minimized. A conspiracy is not a misdemeanor. The charge would be the same as if they are charged with a robbery as well. A conspiracy charge just requires some kind of meeting of the minds between more than one party. A co-conspirator who was not involved in the execution of the crime could have been involved in it as well. This depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. When a person is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, they can also be charged with the crime depending on their involvement

Attempting to Commit Robbery

A person can be charged with the attempt and the underlying offense in any circumstance. They can be charged with attempted robbery and the robbery even if the robbery was not completed.
At some point, the argument is that there was an attempt with that robbery as well that lead to the delegation of the Maryland robbery charges.

Indictment Process

An indictment is a grand jury making a determination that there is enough probable cause for the individual’s Maryland robbery charge. The prosecutor presents the grand jury with the evidence supporting the possibility that a person committed the crime.

The grand jury decides whether there is probable cause that the suspect committed the crime. When the grand jury believes there is enough evidence to bring charges, they vote for an indictment and formal Maryland robbery charges are brought against the accused person.

Arrest Process

If a prosecutor has the investigation ongoing and makes a determination to indict somebody, they can do that before the person is arrested because an arrest does not need to happen unless there is an indictment. Sometimes, the prosecutor presents to a grand jury before an arrest to make sure they do not get into any trouble for sending an officer out to investigate based on probable cause.

When a grand jury finds that probable cause exists and an arrest is made, the prosecutor is absolved of all responsibility if the arrest is considered unlawful because the arrest was based on the grand jury’s decision. Whether the person is indicted or arrested first depends on the investigation and the prosecutor and how they want to proceed. Perhaps a prosecutor believes that their case is not strong or there are some gray areas to indict the person as opposed to having that person arrested first.

Crime Outside the United States

If an individual commits a crime outside of the US, the government may get involved if it occurs in a US territory. For example, when a crime occurs on a military base overseas, Maryland robbery charges can be appropriate. Another option is when there is a relationship with another country and they have the ability to file those charges.

Contact an Attorney

After learning that they are facing robbery charges in Maryland, the person should contact an attorney who has experience in these kinds of cases. They need an attorney who can assist them in preparing for the criminal case, conduct all necessary investigations, and not miss any opportunities to subpoena the appropriate witnesses for case preparation.