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Role of a Lawyer in a Maryland Robbery Charge

When facing a robbery charge, a person should look for representation from an attorney who has a lot experience with jury trials. This is because a robbery is a felony, which means that when it is tried, it is held in circuit court where jury trials take place.

A person can do as much planning as possible, but a lot of what happens in a jury trial takes place in the moment because objections are raised and different issues come up. Therefore, it is the role of an attorney in a Maryland robbery charge to think on their feet. That comes from experience.

The more often an attorney has done that, the more they are able to be prepared for whatever might take place, whatever objection might be made, et cetera. To further understand the role of a lawyer in your case, contact an experienced Maryland robbery attorney as soon as possible.

Benefit of Experienced Counsel

Since a robbery is a felony, the sentence that the person receives would be at least 50% of their sentence before they would be eligible for parole. It is a very serious offense, and it is going to be more than likely a jury trial will take place because it is within the jurisdiction of the circuit court.

A person needs an attorney who has a lot of experience with trials and has specific experience with robbery trials. A person does not want somebody whose practice predominantly has been in district court where they have experienced the jury.

Experience history is important, too. The attorney may be able to analyze both as the prosecutor and the defense attorney, if they have experience in both. From the prosecutor point of view, one can quickly establish where the deficiencies in the state’s case are, where their problems are, and what is the best way to take advantage of those for the client. It is the role of a lawyer in a Maryland robbery case to ensure they provide the best legal representation possible for their client.

Analyzing the Evidence

An attorney who has experience with these kinds of cases is going to be able to analyze the evidence and find the deficiencies. It is the role of the attorney in a Maryland robbery charge to analyze the evidence as carefully as possible.

It could be that the experienced attorney can look at the police reports and all of the evidence and recognize a weakness in the state’s case. This may be where the state does not have the evidence they need to prove a particular element, or they realize that the prosecutor thinks that they are going to be able to introduce a piece of evidence when in actuality they are not because they have not complied with one of the rules of procedure.

Recognizing a Deficiency

An experienced defense attorney is going to pick up on all of those things and use them for the client’s advantage. They could argue these elements in a few ways.

For example, if the attorney has experience with the particular prosecutor, and feels they can trust them, they may sometimes alert them to a particular problem with their case and possibly make the plea offer that much better. At that point, they can decide or learn that the client may be convicted of something.

If an attorney can figure out a way to minimize their client’s consequences, they will, but if they recognize the deficiency or a defect in the state case and are up against the prosecutor that they may not be able to trust, then they are going to hold that information and use it when it is most advantageous for the client. This might be in the middle of the trial. Once the jury has been sworn in a jury trial, the jeopardy attaches so if they cannot prove their case then the client cannot be retried. It is the role of a lawyer in a Maryland robbery charge to use this information at the correct time.