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Benefit of a Maryland Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a serious offense. It is a felony which carries prison time. Anyone charged with this offense needs to have an experienced criminal trial lawyer by their side. There are so many different ways that an attorney assists a defendant. An attorney can use all of the evidence and make a determination about the strength and the weaknesses of potential defenses, or the strength and weaknesses of potential constitutional motion issues. An experienced Maryland robbery attorney is prepared and experienced with handling trials, whether it is a jury trial or a bench trial.

Benefits of a Maryland Robbery Lawyer

A defendant should contact a criminal lawyer right away if they are facing robbery charges. There is no harm in having an initial consultation with a criminal lawyer, even if the person has not yet been charged. If a police officer has contacted someone and they are in a panic about why a police officer would be reaching out to them, it would be a good idea to a meet and discuss that with an experienced criminal attorney.

Search and Seizure Warrants

The time a search and seizure warrants have been executed would also be when it is in the person’s best interest to contact an experienced criminal litigator. It would benefit that person to speak with an attorney in preparation of what may happen next. It is important to note that talking to the police without an attorney present is the biggest mistake they can make.

Speaking to the Police

No good can come from speaking with a police officer. When a police officer reaches out to a person, it is because they have gathered evidence that points to that person as being a viable suspect. The police may not have enough proof to charge anyone, but their job is to get a person to admit to committing a crime.

What to Bring to a Lawyer

If there is any paperwork that a person has received in terms of a robbery charge, they should bring it to a lawyer to examine it fully. Paperwork could include a search and seizure warrant that was executed. If the person has already been charged with a crime and has received a copy of the charging document, the attorney would want to see that as well. Even if the person does not have any papers, many actions can be accomplished by meeting with an attorney. There are some documents that the attorney can locate by making a few phone calls or looking up the charges on the internet. No one should shy away from calling an attorney because they do not feel they have all the proper paperwork necessary.

Taking Action

An experienced robbery lawyer in Maryland can help a person through their charges or investigation if they have not been formally charged yet. They can advise a person on what to say to police, if anything at all, and they can help inform a person on what a robbery case looks like. Do not compromise your liberty, call an attorney today.